We are a team of young computer scientists and mathematicians working on current problems in regulatory genomics. We are a part of the larger Computational biology group at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw.

Paweł Bednarz,
Ilona Grabowicz,
Julia Herman-Iżycka,
Magdalena Machnicka, PhD
Anna Macioszek,
Irina Tuszyńska, PhD
Bartek Wilczyński, PhD, PI
Rafał Zaborowski,

Undergraduate Students

Marlena Osipowicz (Msc student)
Stanisław Massalski (Bsc student)
Karolina Sienkiewicz (Msc Student)
Bartłomiej Zawalski (Msc student)

41294608740_b4efd73416_kGoKarting during the Bioinformatics in Toruń 2018

43055936912_e097012844_kDinner during the BIT 2018 conference


Łukasz Bieniasz-Krzywiec, MSc in Mathematics 2011 (now @Google)
Krisztian Buza, post-doc, (now PI @Semelweis University in Budapest)
Joanna Giemza, MSc in Mathematics 2013 (now @Kings College London)
Kamil Koziara, MSc in Computer Science 2013 (now @data4cure)
Hanna Kranas, Msc in Bioinformatics 2018 (now @IRB Barcelona)
Krzysztof Królak, Msc in Computer Science 2014 (now @Google)
Chen Di Liao, Intern in 2014 (now doing Msc @UToronto)
Monika Maksymiuk, Msc in Bioinformatics 2014 (now @ICM UW)
Clémence Réda, Intern in 2017/18, now back to ENS, Paris)
Shamba Sankar Mondal, Intern in 2013/14, (now @Nencki Institute)
Agnieszka Podsiadło, MSc in Computer Science 2013 (now @facebook)
Andrzej Pragacz, MSc in Computer Science 2011 (now @10clouds)
Piotr Śliwa, Bsc in Bioinformatics 2018, (now @FU Berlin)
Klara Trzcińska, Msc in Bioinformatics 2017, now @ pentacomp
Michał Własnowolski, Msc in Bioinformatics, 2015 (now @ CENT UW)
Taiyeb Zahir, intern 2013/14, (now @KULeuven)

group-may-2017Kayak trip on Krutynia at the Nuclear Landscapes 2017 conference in Mikołajki

party2016Group (with some family members) in December 2016

The group photo from 2015

@The Cold Spring Harbor 2014 Conference in Puerto Rico

the group photo from 2013

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