Research interests

I'm interested in computational biology approaches to gene expression regulation. This falls into two main areas:

Role of chromatin state in transcription regulation
I am very interested in understanding the role chromatin state dynamics is playing in transcriptional regulation. We are involved in building probabilistic models relating transcription factor binding, histone modifications and chromatin interactions with the transcriptional events occuring in developing organisms. This reasearch is partially funded by Foundation for Polish Science through the project entitled Computational modeling of transcriptional regulation in the context of chromatin dynamics.
Modeling gene regulatory networks
I'm working on computational modelling of regulatory networks. This includes computational approaches to network reconstruction or parameter estimation from experimental data as well as stochastic simulations of epigenetics systems.
Regulatory sequence analysis
Many regulatory interactions depend on specific sequence signals like cis-regulatory elements, microRNA sequences or amino-acid sequence motifs in proteins. Understanding the precise relation between sequence motifs and their regulatory function is a great challenge which most likely requires integrating diverse sources of data.

I'm heading the lab of regulatory genomics@University of Warsaw. Here you can find the list of my publications and my short CV.


Bartek Wilczyński, PhD
Associate professor
Computational Biology Group
Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw
Banacha 2, 02-097 Warsaw, Poland
room 5770, tel. +48 22 5544 577, e-mail: bartek[at]