List of Posters

No Name Poster title
P1 Paweł Bednarz Integrative Computational Model for Tissue Specific Gene Regulation
P2 Grzegorz Bokota Segmentation of chromosomal territories from confocal microscope image data
P3 Aleksandra Cabaj Analysis of DNase I-seq data to identify open chromatin regions and transcription factors binding in the glioma-induced versus LPS-induced microglia activation
P4 Agata Charzyńska Different analytical tools applied to high-resolution DNase I-seq and gene expression data to identify regulatory networks in the glioma-induced versus the LPS-induced microglia activation
P5 Wayne Dawson Ranking chromatin structure conformations and dynamics using a long range entropy model and contact frequencies
P6 Azamat Gafurov Identification of sister chromatid cohesion sites during interphase in mammalian cells
P7 Mateusz Garbulowski Somatic mutations age prediction in discovering early driver variants
P8 Aliaksei Holik Cancer-type specific pathogenicity estimates reveal somatic and germline variants affecting enhancer function
P9 Michał Kadlof Comparative analysis of genome-wide three-dimensional interactions from different Human cell lines.
P10 Maciej Łapiński Elucidating the role of Cpeb1b and Cpeb4 in translational control of maternal transcripts through cytoplasmic polyadenylation
P11 Henriette Miko Comparison between Hi-C data sets and identification of TAD boundary changes
P12 Behrooz Torabi Moghadam A multivariate analysis of DNA methylation changes over age in the human brain
P13 Shamba Sankar Mondal Identifying intronic enhancers in Insulin Receptor (InR) gene: A machine learning approach.
P14 Henri Niskanen Endothelial cell differentiation is characterized by changes in long range chromatin interactions between inactive chromatin regions
P15 Leszek Pryszcz RNA editing in zebrafish development
P16 Michal Sadowski Perturbation analysis for 3DOME algorithm reconstructing three dimensional chromosomal structures from experimentally obtained single cell HiC contact maps
P17 Robert Schöpflin Characterizing the regulatory landscape at limb-associated gene loci using Capture-C and ChIP-seq
P18 Karolina Smolińska A machine learning approach for energy based PWM matrices quality improvement
P19 Przemysław Szałaj Hierarchical modeling of three-dimensional chromatin organization based on ChIA-PET data
P20 Teresa Szczepińska Epigenetic marks of the chromatin 3D structure
P21 Ilario De Toma Restoring a balanced epigenetic state for the treatment of Intellectual Disabilities
P22 Irina Tuszyńska 3D chromatin structure based on MC and SBS model
P23 Alessandro Vitriolo From Williams Beuren and 7q-microduplication Syndromes to Human Cognition and development. Integrating molecular signatures from several neurodevelopmental disorders
P24 Rafal Zaborowski New method for systematic detection of Hi-C differential interactions

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